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Have a good Summer 2014

What’s new:

On June 5 we met our new team of would-be journalists. We have been out and about reporting in the Tottenham community and will be back again in September. 

There’s still time to get involved. Get in touch helen@bigsoctraining if you are 16-24, local to Tottenham, and interested in gaining new skills and new contacts. We will be publishing new stories on the site from our new contributors as well as hosting a photographic exhibition. 

Fact to think about: those who volunteer on community projects really improve their chances of a job. We heard this week that 4/5 young people seem to get through a job interview, because of the experience and confidence they gain!

We hope to interview Junior Morrisson about this soon. Junior did National Citizen Service with an organisation called The Challenge.

More detail on our Training page or get in touch. We’d also like you to pass on ideas on brilliant community projects we could profile. 

Meanwhile one of Tottenham’s great assets and characters, barber Aaron Biber, has recently passed away.  Aaron was one of our benefactors in 2012. Thank you and RIP.



interviewing on the high road, Tottenham

Other training on offer

We offer competitively priced training packages for would-be journalists on an ongoing basis. Sessions are hands-on and aim to get participants published on Dandelion and elsewhere. We will develop interviewing, writing and photography skills to an industry standard which could help you get a job!
We are industry professionals ready to pass on our skills to young people with an interest in media work. 
If you an interested individual or organisation please contact us for extra information. Flexible packages can be negotiated


Award worthy Dandelion Volunteer!

Dandelion Project nominated Money Lovedeep Singh for a Team London Volunteer Award  at end of 2013. He was short listed and attended City Hall alongside hundreds of other volunteers from across London. 

We first met Money at theYouth Club in Tottenham’s Bruce Grove where he was helping ‘Pastor Alex’ of Highway Project run the ‘teatime club’. He came and did a photography project with us and supported us at various events. 
Mone helping out at a Dandelion event

Money helping out at a Dandelion event

We found out that after three months living on London’s streets and buses he ended up living with 50 others in a Tottenham church. He carried on studying  and distributes food to the homeless – as a volunteer, every day, for the past three years! 
Big respect!
Through Dandelion Money also became involved in a research project for New Economic Foundation resulting in an article in the Guardian.

Here are our highlights of 2013

Tottenham’s regeneration captured on film

Young journalist Fiona has completed her blog documenting the regeneration of North Tottenham. The picture montage below completes the series and shows the new Enterprise Centre 639, which was one of many buildings damaged in the riots.
639 v3 finished

One of the final photos in Fiona Namale’s Think Big photo blog for O2

The O2 ran a ‘Think Big’ competition and awarded Fiona a Nikon 3100 to photograph her area. Not all of the damaged buildings have progressed so well – you can check out Fiona’s other pictures on:
Or follow her on twitter @JusPictureIt  Fiona is now hoping to get involved in the O2′s follow-up ‘Think Bigger’ project.

Major Boris Johnson

Mayor Boris Johnson was ‘bombarded with lots of wonderful things’ when he cycled up to Tottenham to open the new Enterprise Zone, including this artist’s impression

Out and about in the community

‘Art of Tottenham provides local artists a viable space to exhibit, and build their confidence as artists,’ the director of Rising Generations, Kwame Edwards, recently told Dandelion Project young journalists.

Baykan Malik and Tiana Thompson interviewed Kwame, local artists he is representing, and even the mayor of Haringey, as part of our 2013 Help A Capital Child programme to develop journalism skills.

‘The girls were very shy at first and stuck together,’ says Stephanie Kamin of  Team London, which helped organise Kwame’s first exhibition. ‘But they finished the evening in great form, speaking confidently, and separately, to all the gathered guests and artists, collecting their stories.’

Rising Generations helps the youth and encourages artistic expression through its Art of Tottenham  project

Because Rising Generations is also committed to encouraging young people, our journalists were in good hands.

‘Rising Generations is a ‘Community Interest’ group that’s been going about a year and delivers events and workshops encouraging young people particularly to aspire,’ Kwame explained to them. ‘I’m concerned about the lack of opportunity locally and because I’ve worked in the corporate sector I understand the importance of having an understanding of business.’ Kwame lived and studied in the Tottenham area.

At  the highest profile  ’Art of Tottenham’  exhibition, at the opening of the 639 Enterprise Centre,  a painting of himself caught Boris Johnson’s eye. (See above.)

Well done to Tiana and  Baykan for how they handled these interviews.


Tottenham and Wood Green Journal published versions of two stories from Dandelion!

Picture gallery: Dandelion project brings out Haringey kids’ creative side (Click here and do google search.) Amy Harrell and Alfie Cartwright were responsible for the original stories and pictures which are also up again on the Dandelion site. Congratulations. In 2012 we worked on projects for the Media Trust with 15 young people in Haringey giving them writing and photography experience.


Homes for Haringey’s Project 20:20

We have previously worked on a research project with Homes for Haringey, and were pleased to see their new youth club – Off Road – open in 2013 on Northumberland Park estate, east of Haringey borough.

Read the success story of Aaron Blake in our article Young gifted – and finally in work

When we met Aaron, he was helping us take photographs and conduct interviews into the social needs of North Tottenham residents. He was among a group that presented findings at CITY HALL in October 2012, to counsellors and design

consultants, Arup. Over 30 young people were involved in the research stage and a group of seven then took their views to City Hall.

2012 – gone but not forgotten

aaron biber +

In 2012 we were lucky to receive a donation from Aaron Biber, veteran barber from Tottenham, and a victim of the riots in August 2011. The ‘Keep Aaron Cutting’ campaign was launched after the 90-year-old’s barber business behind the Pride of Tottenham pub was trashed in the riots last year. Once he’d repaired his shop, he gave the extra money raised to local youth projects like ours.

This interesting local character has now passed away and we salute him for the impact he had on his community.

Pictured with Aaron at his shop is Maleka Carter of ad agency BBH, which organised the campaign; Fiona Nemale, a founding member of Dandelion; Kay Horne, Tottenham’s Business Connector

In 2012 we also received a donation from Haringey Community Circles. Dandelion’s young journalists benefited from £2,000 of proceeds from a 2012 charity calendar sold in Crouch End. Haringey Community Circles was a response to the crisis in the borough after the August 2011 riots.


In our first two years Dandelion project worked with around 60 young people from Haringey – our supporters funding helped. 



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  1. sarah


    I am the new Youth Engagement Co-ordinator at the London Fire Brigade operating on behalf of Haringey. I would like to inform you of what we do and how we assist referral agents (such as schools and colleges) with enrolling candidates onto the scheme.

    We aim the Community Fire Cadets programme at 14-18 year olds (they must be under 18 upon completion of the course). The course runs for 12 months and the cadets will work towards achieving a Level 2 BTEC in Fire & Rescue Service in the Community.

    If you have anyone who you think may benefit from the programme, please get in touch

    Kind regards

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