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About us

At Dandelion Project we help the overlooked or unheard to push through the cracks. We spread new ideas so improved attitudes can take root.   
In 2015 we are looking at new social action projects involving the elderly and particularly those affected by dementia. We want to restore identity and help voice their needs. 

Please contact Helen Deal or Kaytea Budd-Brophy if you would like to work with us. While we believe in social action we also need funding and partnerships to help us make a difference!

Helen Deal  has over 15 years experience of working in the marketing press and writing about all sorts of subjects for both online and offline magazines, as a freelance and as an Editor heading up a team. She has worked in adult education and currently as a trainer and facilitator for young media professionals. She also writes fiction when not involved with Dandelion.

Kaytea Budd-Brophy has an art and design background and worked for over 20 years in Further Education, also becoming a BACP counsellor and senior tutor manager in that time. She has worked as a project manager for agencies including the police, NHS and the YMCA when not on Dandelion business.

We formed social enterprise ‘BigSoc’ Training in 2011. We want to equip people to meet the ‘social opportunities and challenges’ of austere times.

We have worked with:

Kori, Jackson Lane Community Theatre, Urban Futures, Haringey Business Partnerships, Media Trust, New Economics Foundation, London Youth Support Trust, Homes for Haringey, Arup, Team London, YMCA.

Media Trust Logo  Dandelion Project is an outreach partner of Media Trust, which uses media to engage young people and provide them with new skills. Media Trust has helped place stories written by Dandelion journalists in the local paper, and funded training programmes. 

Who, what, where, when…

Our work to date 

We started working with young Londoners after the riots of August 2011 when they were being widely criticised in the mainstream media. 

Our first ‘social action’ media project helped them use media effectively and responsibly to get their views heard and their issues noticed.

We passed on communication skills including how to interview and research, writing for the web and photography and provided an online platform for their stories.

We have been involved in social research where young citizen’s views were valued.

Young journalist, Jonathan Imiere, says:

I would like a career in Journalism and when I discovered the Dandelion Young Citizen’s Journalism Programme I was really enthusiastic about getting involved and becoming part of the editorial team.

I have learnt to look out for more positive issues happening in Haringey  that may be of interest to young people of my age or older. I have also become more aware of some of the issues that youngsters feel that they would like to have” their say” about.

The Dandelion Project has given me the chance to cover stories of interest and the confidence to interview people from various backgrounds as well as opening my eyes to new experiences.

I was extremely impressed with the support and encouragement received when attending the weekly editorial meeting and decided to use this activity as my volunteering section for my Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme.

I was particularly proud to have my first article published and read my very own blog on the Dandelion Project website. The Dandelion Project is definitely something that I have benefited from already and I would like to continue to be part of its success.

Jonathan used his experience towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. Other Dandelion reporters have got university places or jobs after working with us. All of our volunteers have improved their communication skills and gained confidence and a sense of achievement from being involved.  

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