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Get back to netball – champion sisters say

Sasha  Kadeen

Sasha Kadeen

Sister Act: two England netball champs under one roof

Two sisters are putting North London on the map with their glorious netballing skills. Sasha and Kadeen Corbin, have had a remarkable year: Kadeen played for Team Bath and Sasha for Hertfordshire Mavericks, and both are representing Team England netball in the Barbados Test Series this April. Their Mum, Violet, is also about to launch a new Netball Academy at Haringey Sixth Form Centre.

I had the opportunity to meet the Corbin family and find out a bit more about them and a new scheme called Back To Netball. Here’s what went down when I met them… By Jonathan Imiere

Dynamic duo: front row,  left, Sasha Corbin, second left Kadeen Corbin

Firstly thank you both for agreeing to do this interview. Can you both please introduce yourselves and tell me a few things about who you are

Sasha: I’m Sasha Corbin I play netball for England and Hertfordshire Mavericks, I’m a wing attack and I’m 23 years old.

Kadeen:  I’m Kadeen, I play goal attack, goal shooter and I play for England and Team Bath, and I’m 20 years old.

Why did you both decide to play netball and how long have you been playing?

Sasha: I used to watch my mum play netball in the park but I never really got into it until I started playing it in PE lessons in Year 7.

Kadeen: For me I just started following Sasha from a young age and I saw her succeed in Counties and thought I needed to get involved.

What is your biggest accomplishment in netball so far?

Sasha: Winning the world netball series, 2011 in Liverpool.

Kadeen: On my birthday, actually.

Sasha: Oh yeah, the same day as Kadeen’s birthday.  The whole crowd started singing happy birthday; there were about a couple of thousand people in there.

What do you do in training that is key to your success?

Sasha: The endurance speed training. We have to do a lot of short, sharp changes in direction. And also obviously the technical stuff we have to do as a team.

Kadeen: I have to keep up with my shooting because I need to keep the goals in the 90 %.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

Sasha/Kadeen: Winning the World Netball Championships, Commonwealth Games, World Series, that is the key goal.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sasha: Anyone that has achieved their goals or any sporting champion. Just seeing how great they feel to be number one gets me excited.

I know you both play for different teams, Sasha for Hertfordshire Mavericks and Kadeen for team Bath, how do you feel playing against each other?

Kadeen: It feels weird. Obviously we play together for the England netball team but then when we are on separate teams you have to say to yourself “Oh don’t pass her the ball!” That’s how I feel anyway.

Sasha: For me it also is weird, to see your sibling on the other side actually tearing it up and playing well. It’s quite nice to see, but then you are like “Actually No! C’mon!” Yeah obviously I still want to kick her bum on the court, don’t want to let the younger sister win now!


The England team has something called “Back to Netball”, what is this about?   

Sasha: Back to Netball is a project that England Netball has put together so that any women, over 16, can come and play the game. So you get people who haven’t played for 15 years since school, or ladies who haven’t played before, so it’s just an opportunity to get women involved and active.

 Are you both involved in Back to Netball?

Sasha: I run a project here in Haringey; there are loads of other areas in the country that are running it such as Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol. If anyone’s interested check on the England Netball website www.englandnetball.co.uk/backtonetball to see where your nearest session would be.

Finally what’s next for the Corbin sisters?

Kadeen: Getting into the next 12 for the Barbados test series, it was April this year.

Sasha: And guess what, we’re actually from Barbados as well. We’ve also got Bajan and Jamaican roots, so it would good to play against them.

Make sure you check out the Jamaican test series coming in September, they’re coming to this country too, and so if you guys could come and watch us that’ll be great!

Thank you both for allowing me the time to interview you.

Netball Academy for Haringey

A new Netball Academy is opening at Haringey Sixth Form Centre in September 2012, with the girls’ mother Violet Corbin behind it. The idea is to encourage women to become more active and go further in sport, particularly netball. Here’s what Violet Corbin has to say…

‘Troy Netball club and Ignite Netball club have come together to form a partnership with Haringey Sixth Form Centre to start a Netball Academy.  When young women leave school they will have another chance of getting into the performance side of netball, to get them to the top level –  the Performance Talent Pathway or the Netball Talent League, which runs alongside the Super League on Sky Sports TV.

They will also get a chance to trial for the under17s and under19s England squad, as  Sasha and Kadeen did a few years ago. Otherwise we tend to find girls leave school and for the next 3 or 4 years don’t take part in sport. They then start having children, and we lose them.

This timing is good because we have got the Olympics just finishing, and we have another four years to build to the next World Championships, and the Commonwealth Games in two years.

Hopefully Netball can put in another application for the next Olympics. The key to all this is to get women into sport, and keep them there. ‘



It is good to see the Corbin family putting back into the community and encouraging others to enjoy the sport of netball as much as they do.
Why not join them in their quest to bring netball back, whilst having fun!



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  1. Ceceile

    After reading your article I hope the Olympic Committe will reconsider and allow Netball in the Games.
    Rather than later. Why shouldn’t an all female sport be represented? We have had male sports for centuries.
    Keep flying the flag for female contribution to our beautiful game.

  2. Jay

    Great article! I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I was also very much impressesd with the actual interview which is on you tube. Take a look at sister sister netball, this is quite entertaining.

  3. Diana

    An excellent article on netball! So many women play and enjoy netball. What an achievement to have two sisters from North London excel in netball and play for England. Thank you for helping to put netball back on the map.

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