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Dandelion Project Welcomes Submissions from individuals or organisations

Here’s what to do:

1: Decide on an angle for an article that will appeal to young people of 16-24

2: Undertake research – primary (interviews, your personal observations) or secondary (facts  and figures from reputable sources)

3: Write your article for this website – up to 450 words is good

4: Headline? Photo? Please add!

5: Attach a file in Word 97-2004 to

6: Photos must be in a J-peg format. If you feature anyone under 16 you will need the written consent from an adult.

7: Deadline open – but we like submissions to be topical if possible

8: Research notes should be available on request.

9: In submitting you agree we can publish your piece, and any pictures, for free, on You promise it is your own original work. You will be credited

10: Thank you for your contribution!


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