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Everybody Dreams – a song for Tottenham’s youth

Everybody Dreams –  a 2012 highlight?

Gladesmore School students were so unhappy with the negative image from the riots, they recorded a song at Abbey Road studios, met numerous celebs, staged a flash mob in Tottenham then got to number 34 in the charts. This is how it all came about, by Jonathan Imiere of Gladesmore


Performing live as the Olympic torch passed through Haringey

The images that were televised nationally and internationally in August 2011 are still very vivid in the minds of many. Countless people believe the reputation of Tottenham may have been damaged beyond repair.

However for those who live, go to school and love Tottenham there is much more to the borough than that. They are adamant there is a need for the world to recognise that the pictures seen do not define them or the people of Tottenham.

It was so important to the students, staff and parents of Gladesmore Community School  that they all came together and decided to do a song and video for Tottenham to show the positive side of their neighbourhood and themselves. This was released to coincide with the anniversary of the problems.

100 pupils were involved and numerous celebrities have supported

A post-box was placed in the school where students were encouraged to place their ideas or lyrics to include in a song. Over 100 students contributed to the development of the song, with Mr Lowe the music teacher as musical director.

“Our idea was to write this and make a music video of our area, which we could release in August a year on from the riots that put the area in the news for all the wrong reasons,” commented one of the students.

The song which is performed by Gladesmore Community School students and called ‘Everybody Dreams’ has been supported by a number of prominent individuals including Mayor Boris Johnson, local MP David Lammy as well as artists such as Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Leona Lewis and comedian Ricky Gervais.

They have even had the support of 90 year old Aaron Biber a victim of the Tottenham riot who had his barber shop business which he ran for more than 40 years looted.

Aim to be number one in the charts

Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart was so moved by the efforts of the young people that he was motivated to create a Radio Mix of their track.

Former Gladesmore student Kojo who presents the popular breakfast show on ‘Choice FM’ vowed to support his former school by playing the song, which is great for the school.



Students also went to the world renowned Abbey Road studios (where The Beatles recorded some of their most famous albums) and met engineers and producers who further help push the “Everybody Dreams” track to a professional level.

Value Life event

Early performances of the ground-breaking song were at the annual Value Life event in July, now in its ninth year, where the community got together and had a Notting Hill Carnival style parade. Value Life has a positive message about tackling gun and knife crime but this year was especially significant as it was close to the year anniversary of the riots.

It was also sung at Bruce Castle when the Olympic torch passed through Haringey.

Lawrence Kessey ran with the Olympic Torch in Deptford and met Stephen Lawrence’s mum Doreen and the same week met David Lammy at Bruce Castle

The students are extremely proud of their efforts and this campaign has created a real “feel good factor” for the whole school.

“Forget about what you’ve heard. Forget about what you’ve seen. We’ve found a place to be where everybody dreams” – lyrics taken from ‘Everybody Dreams’ single.

The students have had to try and elevate themselves and lift their heads high despite the disappointment of what happened last year. They would like everyone to see beyond the events of last year and forget about what they have heard and seen and realise that Tottenham is a place of young dreamers looking forward to a positive future.

Getting heard

This song has been a great opportunity for the young people of Tottenham to get their voices heard  and reach audiences far beyond their expectation. They were able to use their voice to raise and discuss issues and topics relating to them personally and share their goals and dreams. Also to show that social media can be used positively!

It is also hoped that the ‘song for Tottenham’ may inspire some to get involved and contribute to the regeneration of Tottenham.

Everybody Dreams – the single’s official release date was Sunday 19th August 2012 when it became available to download. www.facebook.com/pages/Everybody-Dreams/301257866615145

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  1. helendeal

    Glad you enjoyed this article and all it says about the young people of Tottenham. You’d need to contact the school direct and ask for the lyrics. Please tell them where you read about it and why you’re interested and I’m sure they’d help.

  2. Carolyn Ingram

    Might I have the typed lyrics, please? I am doing family history and found that my cousins attended Tottenham in 1910s-20s, before emigrating to Australia during other hard times. Then I found that my brother-in-law attended in 1940s, efroe moving to CAnada. He can sing the old school song- “There’s Naught without Labour”. I’m attaching the old one to the family tree and went searching for it on internet. Discovering quite- by chance- the new one, I’d like to send the You-Tube link AND printed words to family who think they ought not try to visit the old home sites. Love this new song and all it’s passion!

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