May 15

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First impressions of London

First impressions of London – a visitor’s view

My name is Jenny Maharjan. I came to London on September 9, 2011, from Nepal, aged 14, and speaking no English.My first impressions of the differences between my city, Kathmandu, and London may surprise you.                                                                              

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw my first double-decker bus in London; in Nepal they are single deck and people are crowded into the buses. I was even excited when I saw my first train – it was so long, like a snake.

I had never seen a train before, only on television.

Here I live in a very straight terraced street and the houses are the same design but in Kathmandu, the architecture is very varied and the streets are more jumbled.

My first day in  London secondary school Northumberland Park was fun. Even the assembly was different. In Kathmandu students stand in line outside but in England they sit in a room on chairs. A really important difference is in England no-one needs to pay for education, but at home they do. Even little children have to have money to go to school.

In London, the races are very mixed including Chinese, Indians, American, African, which was a surprise because in Nepal there are mostly Nepalese.

The snow this year was one of my most special new experiences. It was like cotton falling softly from the sky making everything white. I didn’t care about anything except jumping into the garden to touch it. In Kathmandu the weather is hot and it rains a lot of the time. Sometimes it rains so heavily onto the roof that you can’t hear TV programmes properly.

Finally, I want to say I find London a great city with lots of amazing things, but of course I can’t separate Nepal from my heart. It is where I was born and though I may end up living in UK forever I will always love to visit my country when I can.

Jenny was one of a small group recently on work experience with Dandelion Project 


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