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Footballers -are they overpaid?

Footballers – are they overpaid? 

What do you think?         

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 - Football : Wayne Rooney of ...

Footballers are a bunch of men who just kick a ball into the back of a net?

That is what many women say. But they don’t understand the intensity of the game!

In my opinion, it keeps getting better. Younger talents are coming in from the academies of clubs, so football, as a career, does inspire young boys.  Especially given the wages attached. The biggest earner in UK football currently is Wayne Rooney on £12 million for Manchester United – and that’s after losing some sponsorship deals for his off-field behaviour!

Sport changes lives

So, my answer to the question – is NO! Football has the power to change lives in a way no other job can.  This is a sport where men strive for greatness, not only for themselves and their club – but their country.

But what other opinions are there?

‘Ridiculous’ wages – 26.6 million a week!

‘Basic wages are ridiculous in football today – such as 26.6 million every week for a teenager’, Sky sports journalist and former Scotland and club player, Gordon McQueen, has said.

But clubs are so scared of losing the best talent, even young players are able to buy the Bentleys and live a luxury life.

‘If footballers get paid way too much too early, they might lose their desire and hunger for the game,’  is the opinion of McQueen,  and other veterans of the game.

Effort should be 100%

‘When Ryan Giggs, the Nevilles and others of Manchester United came through in the early 1990s they were well-grounded and knew Sir Alex Ferguson would come down on them like a ton of bricks if they stepped out of line or didn’t give a 100%.’

But since McQueen stopped playing, the sport’s attracted more revenue from TV rights, sponsorship deals, release clauses and signing-on fees. And notorious tough managers, like Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, still expect a lot from his players in return for the high price tag.

Manager must prepare players properly

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 28:  Sir Alex Ferguson m...

The managers of all top clubs also get big pay cheques but are expected to lead their sides to win titles and trophies.

And if a leading team unexpectedly loses 6-0, managers get furious. But players also need to be properly prepared for the match.

And the most important thing in football ? Never underestimate your opponent, or you’ll get punished!

Strong characters

In defence of young players, the football agent and managing director of SEM group, Jerome Anderson, has said:

‘No-one makes a club give a young player a big contract. Most clubs that we’ve dealt with know the character of the individual before they enter into a large-long-term contact.

‘Certainly the likes of Micah Richards and Anton Ferdinand have got a real burning desire to be successful, to learn and progress to become truly great players which they recognise they perhaps are not yet at 18, 19, or 20 years of age.’

Anton has his big brother Ferdinand to look up to. Micah Richards as a young defender came through the ranks at Manchester City and to prove his drive, at only 19 was promoted to the England team.

Living the dream

These players are not just in the business for the money. They’re in this sport because they love it. To be living the dream they’ve wanted from a young age, must be breath-taking.

I asked a football fan, former junior player, and now a teacher, what he thinks about that.

‘Some are ridiculous with their money, some wise. I’d be well-chuffed to be paid so much for just running around a football pitch for an hour and a half – but I think the money now’s too much.’

I still disagree!

But what do you think?


1.   David Beckham (LA Galaxy, England) £24.1m
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Portugal) £22.9m
3. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina) £19.3m
4.  Kaka (Real Madrid, Brazil) £14.4m 
5. Ronaldinho (Flamengo, Brazil) £14.4m

Figures are for 2010, source is Forbes.com

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