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SK8 at 8

Elliott Brown

Sk8 at eight

‘Skateboarding is like a sport which is very different to most. It can be done individually or with friends who enjoy it as well.’

Alfie Cartwright took the pictures and tells Elliott’s story.

Elliott Brown now 15 years old has enjoyed Skateboarding since the young age of 8. Going to skate parks in the local area, Haringey, with his Dad he joined the huge, friendly community of skateboarders young to old, boys to girls with the same love of skating.

‘The first skateboard I got was when I was 8, I started going to skate parks with my Dad a lot.’

Getting older and not needing his Dads company, Elliott begun to venture out of North London with his friends and visit skate parks away from the area he lived.

‘One thing I enjoy about skateboarding is you can pretty much do it anywhere.’

By the age of 13, Elliott had pulled off his first few tricks. Along with his determination and courage he has got help from friends and those he didn’t even know in the skate park.

‘If you’re skating in a skate park, everyone’s friends, it’s like a big community.’

Since he started, Elliott has only stopped skateboarding once; he loves the hobby and is currently still skateboarding.

‘For the meantime, I have no plans to stop skateboarding, but as I get older, I may have to have a break.’


Alfie and Elliott did a week of work experience with us.  

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