Feb 12

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Tough Times – bullying victims help others

My friend was cyber bullied for most of her years in primary school.  It got so bad, she tried to kill herself. But now she is working at The Times newspaper on a project to give advice to others who have the same problem, and to try and stop it


By Aminat

My friend knew how it felt to be cyber-bullied, and wanted to be heard. She wanted to help other people break through, and show them that just because you have been bullied it does not mean you can’t get back up on your own two feet and start helping others and yourself.

My friend is now in secondary school, and every week she attends a group with children of all ages at The Times newspaper.  They all talk to a counselor about what has happened to them – whether it involves bullying, or neglect, or anything else – and get advice on how to deal with it. Their experiences are then used for articles, which you can read in the paper or online.

If you look at her now, my friend no longer sits on her bed and cries.  She is in the newspapers, writing about her story, and giving other people lots of excellent advice.

She is getting known for her work, and guess what… she is still only 11 years old and her name is Natasha.

Q: Have you been affected by cyber-bullying?

Q: How has it happened – via Facebook or something similar?

Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons

You can write anonymously here, to share your thoughts.

Get advice and support from: childline  0800 11 11 or go on line to www.childline.org.uk

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