Nov 16

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Volunteering – why would you?

For love or money?

‘Money’ Lovedeep Singh came alone to London from India in 2010. He wanted to study and work here. Instead he ended up at 19 years old destitute on the streets and now lives in the Highway to Holiness church in Tottenham. He explains why he helps out seven nights a week distributing food to the homeless


Mone helping out at a Dandelion event

Money helping out at a Dandelion event

I am part of the Highway Project in Haringey and help with all aspects of Pastor Alex’s work. For three years this has meant me collecting donated food seven days a week from Asda and Pret A Manger in Kings Cross.


We distribute the food to around 30 to 40 people a night generally from the age of 21 to 65.  The number of people is always up and down since they come and go.


They all wait for food so desperately so it’s important for the food to arrive every night at the same time. Sometimes there’s a lot of food, but sometimes not and they will dive on me but still end up with nothing to eat.

While some people can easily offer money to help someone, which is great, those who can’t should offer themselves and accept none of us can survive on our own.  We need people around us!


In my time volunteering I have personally faced many difficulties.

I have struggled to complete my assignments from college where I was studying a BTEC in Computing. I have struggled to support myself financially. I struggled to meet my heart’s desire.

And demotivation and discouragement can strike when you’re working for free!

But I kept going because the voluntary work is highly appreciated by the people I work with and the people we work for.

I have realised it’s not all about what ‘we want’, life’s actually about ‘what we need’ in order to live happily.  Firstly we need relations, support, help. (And ideally we need lots more money. Lol.)

I’m also aware it’s not only me who has been victimised by the circumstances in life. There were many before and many are yet to come.

Dandelion Project has nominated Money for a Team London Volunteer Award.


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